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Trip fit, go ahead, kiss me again

I always like it when it ends

Layne Ellison
12 July 1984
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  • diasterin@livejournal.com

male. 25 years old. polytheistic. and gay to boot!

I love to explore my surroundings.

goal. to find the perfect cafe. one with personality

nevermind. i'll stick with. _starbucks

guys. only interested in guys that are:

semi-intellectual. semi-attractive. semi-ordinary
antagonist. tease. adventurist. gentle. giving. average.

Just me, with a little bit of attitude!

if i make fun of you, i definately love you.

liqueur in the front, poker in the rear!

oh! and anybody who doesn't like ♠ Leisha Hailey
needs to...
                   get their twat removed.

I second myself; is that allowed?

Just Listen to her !

Umsl Sophomore - College Of Arts And Sciences
Major: Criminology & Criminal Justice
Degree Expected: Bachelor Of Science

.also dabbles in philosophy, politics, and music

member of. guild wars, puzzle pirates, and battleon.com